Nuffnangers Day Out

Nuffnangers Day Out

Saiful Naim

Nuffnangers Day Out | Wahh… My neck so pain and my whole body no energy at all.. Sleeping for a whole day.. I’m so sorry for the late update! Terima Kasih Nuffnang for the invitation! On 9 Oct 10, Saturday at 11am fella blogger was invited to have fun at Cosmo’s World Theme Park, Berjaya Times Square!! Yeay!! It’s Nuffnangers Day Out!

Nuffnangers Day Out

I’m glad for being a Nuffnangers, a lot of opportunities I got from them. Bloggers out there, please be sincere with Nuffnang!.

So, who doesn’t know The Cosmos World? Okay I will tell you. Its okay, I have time for this. XD

Berjaya Time Square Cosmos World Theme Park & Theatre is the largest indoor Theme Park in Malaysia. Start today they officially known as BERJAYA TIME SQUARE THEME PARK

Operating hours:
Monday – Friday:12 noon – 10pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 11 am – 10 pm

With 14 attractive rides, Cosmo’s World Theme Park is divided into 2 differently themed areas.

GALAXY STATION is specifically targeted for adult and teenagers with 6 major rides.
Supersonic Odyssey
DNA Mixer
Ooort’s Express
Spinning Orbit
Space Attack

FANTASY GARDEN provides beautiful scenery and colourful Garden Avenue with 8 major fun rides for kids and families alike to spend time together.

Fantasy Trail
Botanic Drive
Buddy Go Round
Flying Bumble Bee
Crazy Bus
Molly-Cool’s Swing
Honey Bump
Robo Crash

The HAUNTED CHAMBERS (5th Floor) is one of the theme park latest attraction that promises thrill seekers a hair-raising experience. It consists of 6 chambers of horror with each chamber having its own fear and suspense concept. The scare adventure begins in a living room where a host will lead visitors to the entrance of the first chamber. Visitors will experience ghostly scares and thrills as they proceed from one chamber to the next.

Test your skills at the challenging and exciting new games at Cosmo’s World Theme Park. Carnival Games, the latest attraction offers 6 varieties of Carnival Games such as Token Toss, Hook a Duck, Goblets, Hoopla, Ring Toss and Sharp Shooter, ideal for the whole family to enjoy. Plus, you have the chance to walk away with delightful prizes.

Monday – Friday

Local with Mykad RM 32
Foreigners RM 38

Local with Mykid RM 22
Foreigners RM 28

Haunted Chambers RM 7

Sat / Sun / Public Holiday & School Holiday

Local with Mykad RM 37
Foreigners RM 43

Local with Mykid RM 27
Foreigners RM 33

Haunted Chambers RM 9

visits for more info.

Some picture and video for cuci mata.

Havin breakfast with fella Nuffnanger!

from left, 2 cute girls anybody know her names?? VVENS, Rabiatul, Nicole, Kak Ina, Jessica, Jess

Jessica and Nicole

Mohd Zaid

Watch this video. I’m playing DNA Mixer 5 years ago and never play it anymore. T_T

Tian Chad and Vince was playing this crazy machine! Haiyoh.. They didn’t vomit!!

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